The first fast food dedicated to truffles

10 Grams is the first format that combines dishes with truffles to fast food consumption. The name comes from the quantity of truffles in each dish: enough to make you feel all the quality of the product but not enough to make the menu prices grow. The mission of 10 Grams is to allow anyone to enjoy the unique taste of black and white truffles with a simple menu that knows how to leave its mark!


Open your first fast food dedicated to truffles!

Ten Grams has decided to spread the truffle culture everywhere as a fast food product, for everyone and for all tastes and from today it is possible to open a franchise in your city.


Do you want to enter a trendy network? The answer is Ten Grams!


The market forecasts confirm the state of health of the sector and the ambition of Ten Grams is to share its brilliant formula with dynamic entrepreneurs. Ten Grams offers affiliations suitable for the management of a fast food or bistro with centralized supplies and preliminary training.


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